The Pimcore Course for Developers

You want to know exactly how Pimcore works?
You feel like Pimcore is hard to learn?
You want to learn everything you need in only 4 hours?

This Course Is All You Need!

In this course we will implement your free blog or your free website from scratch!

You will learn everything that is necessary to start with Pimcore successfully.

From the perfect development environment, to the community. How the Directory is structured, how to add custom routes, objects, assets. How the configuration looks like. Where to host your code.

Everything you need in order to work with Pimcore as a CMS successfully!

You will Learn...

  • How to install Pimcore
  • How to use Pimcore
  • How to start with Pimcore
  • Pimcore as Content Management System
  • How to implement a Blog in Pimcore
  • How to develop your own Pimcore Site
  • And many more things!

"Packed with Information"

This and many many more 5-Star Reviews!

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